Nowadays it is very common to dress our pets either for a holiday, to prevent them from being cold during the winter or simply to give them a personal style. Whatever the reason, there is a variety of designs on the market for all tastes. There are costumes, dresses, blouses, hoodies, ponchos, shirts and many other options.

When talking about clothes for our pets, it is important to consider the material, size, and adaptability, since this way our pet will dress comfortably and will have no problem in its mobility.

It is important that when purchasing a garment for our pet we consider the material since it is necessary to note the quality and comfort of the fabrics to avoid factors such as allergies, as well as rejection by our pet on its skin. When looking for a garment for our “furry” one, the first factor we consider is the model and design, but it is also necessary to analyze if the garment is hypoallergenic, if the fibers are natural such as wool and cotton or artificial such as nylon or polyester. In the case of outerwear, experts recommend wool and polar fleece as they are hideous and will keep you warm enough. But during the summer it is better to opt for lighter cotton models to prevent our pet from suffocating due to the weather. The recommendation is to try and find the best option for our pet.

The size of the garment is just as important as the material, since it must be adequate and not too tight, as it can bother and cause irritation to the skin, and not too loose, since it would also be annoying to move. If the purchase is made in a physical store, it is much easier since you can go directly with your pet and try it on before purchasing it, but if you make the purchase online you must make sure of the measurements of the garment; for this you can use the size charts that they have online businesses and be able to purchase the right one for your pet; In the case of Kallari, the size charts have the necessary information so that you can choose the correct size and have a successful shopping experience.

 Compared to humans, pets do not require a wardrobe full of clothes, but they do require clothes that are adaptable throughout the year. In addition, according to the needs of each pet, the garment can be kept throughout the day or only for a period during the day. If it is not recommended, it is to leave the clothes on to sleep since during the night it is better than the skin of our “furry” can breathe easily and be free.

When talking about adaptability it is important to consider the type of fur, breed and age of our pet since dogs with short hair will tolerate less cold than those with abundant fur, there are also breeds that do not tolerate cold and it will be better to help with a coat; just like puppies and adult pets because of their defenses the cold can affect them, and they are more prone to colds.

Garments will always be an excellent option to give our pets a touch of style and will also keep them warm in cold weather, the important thing is that our pets feel comfortable and let’s not forget to wash the garment frequently to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust or even mites; as well as consulting with your veterinarian for any skin disease that does not allow our “furry” to use clothing. With all these recommendations you can enjoy the experience of dressing your pet with unique designs that you can also find at KapariPets.com. If you have any questions, you can contact our team directly.