Wool is a type of fabric that is used in various garments such as ponchos, jackets, scarves, among others, because it is ideal for retaining heat very well and allows us to stay warm during the winter season, or during windy or cold days, therefore it is important to give it good care to prevent it from being mistreated quickly. There are several tips when it comes to cleaning woolen garments properly. The most important tips are regarding the frequency, whether washing should be by hand or machine and drying.

Woolen garments, due to their texture, are garments that should be avoided washing frequently as the fabric can be damaged more quickly. The frequency of washing will not be the same as a garment of another texture, such as cotton; Therefore, if by some accident it stained a bit, it is better to use a cloth with lukewarm water and rub it to remove the stain and thus avoid washing the entire garment.

If a complete wash is necessary, you can choose to wash it by hand or by machine, but always using cold water since very hot water can shrink it (except for sheep’s wool), in addition to using a mild detergent. If you wash it by hand, consider not to stretch it and not to scrub it with force. If the garment is very dirty, it can be left to soak for a few hours and then proceed to rinse it.
In the case of washing machine, always use a delicate/gentle cycle, or in many washing machines there is a specific washing cycle for woolen garments and as an optional tip you can use a mesh bag to avoid damaged during washing; consider that the spin cycle should not be used due to the sudden movement during that cycle and do not use fabric softener.

After washing by hand or machine, for no reason should you use the dryer as it could shrink the garment. If the garment is very wet, it is recommended to use a towel or some absorbent cloth to remove excess water and dry it in the shade on a smooth surface. Avoid drying it in the sun so as not to damage the fibers and the color. Many wool garments maintain their shape after washing and drying, but if you notice that it is necessary to iron it, you can do it but not directly, a cloth should be placed between the iron and the garment at a low temperature to avoid damaging the fibers. .

Finally, make sure that the garment is completely dry before storing it to prevent the garment from being damaged due to humidity. All these tips during washing will help to maintain the quality and comfort of the garment for longer.
Take into account that in the case of Kallari apparel, not all of them are 100% wool and that allows you to use the washing machine more frequently. If you have any questions regarding the washing of any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you solve your doubts.